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We are experts on supplying and installing uPVC Windows & Doors. uPVC products offer high thermal efficiency, need no essential maintenance, are durable, weatherproof, soundproof, fire retardant, eco-friendly and can be customized to any colour, size and shape.

The uPVC products we use, are specially designed for hot climates like the ones we’ve got here in Cyprus…

The thickness of the frames is 76mm, which in turn accommodates the use of a 32mm double-glazed unit to maximise soundproofing and most importantly, thermal efficiency. This ensures that running your air-conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter becomes massively efficient with the savings starting at the moment of installation. You may expect to enjoy cooler temperatures in the summer and warmer temperatures in the winter with reduced cost.

All of our windows and doors feature high security multipoint locking mechanisms for added security.

There are various colours and styles to choose. From concertina doors to arched windows, tilt & turn, sliding and many more, as well as the potential to custom-design items yourself, the choices are literally endless.
The colour and tint of the glass is also user-selectable to suit your style. In general, we offer laminated safety glass and toughened glass. If you live in a particularly windy area, triple glazing is an option and if you live in an extremely noisy area, acoustic glass for extra soundproofing is available.



Be it a simple few hour job, or a major renovation you’ve been programming for a long time, Brightview is the go to company for a hassle-free, long-lasting and cost effective solution.

At Brightview, we offer the most comprehensive building solutions and packages for complete renovations and modifications for your properties here in Cyprus…

Renovating your home can be a real hassle. Rushing from the designer to the builder, from the builder to the plumber, from the plumber to the electrician and finally stopping by the carpenter’s shop can be a nightmare for many. Coordinating things feels as taunting as coordinating a large orchestra. With a bit of your input, we can take all the weight off your shoulders and proceed from start to finish with that overdue renovation, stress free and in no time. With Brightview, you only need to deal with us as we have all our own in-house skilled tradesmen to make the jobs go smoothly and quickly.

With our time served UK tradesmen, we do everything by the book, whilst making sure that our services fully comply with the latest EU thermal efficiency and safety standards. Add our constant search for the most modern and effective building materials and building methods on the market, and with Brightview you are assured that you are dealing with a company that will never let you down.



Probably the best and most practical way to expand the usable space of your home, is to close in those rarely used balconies. Brightview offers many different solutions, design ideas, and materials to choose from…

Why not extend your bedroom size(s) and/or number, making the most out of your house’s available space? Another benefit from this is added thermal efficiency that will keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Furthermore, in the event of planning to put your house or apartment on the market someday, not only will it add value to your home, but it will also make yours stand out from the rest, appealing more to potential buyers.



Enjoy the outdoors and maximise your summers in style! Utilize your outside spaces for that tasty BBQ, that family get together or simply for the protection of your vehicles. Brightview offers the most reliable, comprehensive and cost effective customized solutions.

Carports any size and style
With the extreme weather conditions here in Cyprus, you need to protect your car…

From one minute to the next, it can go from red-hot sunshine that fades and flakes your paintwork and dashboard, to hailstone the size of golf balls that dents and damages your car.

With our cost effective multi-style carports, you can eliminate this in one go.

We offer new, sleek and stylish carport systems that feature high-grade aluminium with reinforced heat-guard polycarbonate roofs that are maintenance free and look great on any property.

For the more traditional, we offer wooden structures with either tiled or felt roofs, custom made in any size or shape.

For our wooden structures, we only use seasoned and laminated timber that has the same strength as steel, so we can span large areas without support. All of our timber is specially treated so there is no damp or rotting over time, and comes pre stained/varnished or painted to your preference, prior to the installation.

Apart from your house, a car is probably the next most expensive item you will own, so why not add value to your home and protect your car at the same time with Brightview’s carports.



If using your bath seems no longer convenient or would like to style up, Brightview is the one stop shop to go. We are experts on creating new, stylish bathrooms to suit everyone’s needs.

Disabled showers, wet rooms and bathroom conversions
If you find using your bath no longer convenient and would prefer a walk in shower – for any reason – cosmetic, preference for easy access, or disability, we would be glad to assist…

We design and execute conversions from start to finish for your ease of mind.

We are experts on creating new, stylish bathrooms to suit everyone’s needs offering a vast range of different bathroom units, tiles and various sizes of shower cubicles.

All of our products are of the highest quality.
Combined with our highly skilled in house tilers, plumbers and builders, your bathroom will look better than you ever dreamed.



Utilize those unused porch or yard spaces that just sit there collecting dust, and extend your usable home spaces for an elevated standard of living.

Many of our clients added a private gym, an extra bedroom as the family grew, a children’s play area, a home theatre room, a utility room or even a much needed store room this way. It might be just what you need instead of moving to a larger house. The choice is yours.



A leading home renovation category, kitchen extensions maximise available or unutilized spaces to create a truly multi-function space that accommodates the needs of every family member, bringing the family closer together.



‘Apparently in Cyprus we don’t get much rain’ is the common consensus. Due to this misconception, most homes are not fitted with guttering and downpipes.

We are here to address that. We utilize Marley drainage systems that come in different sizes to combat common problems such as damp, mold and the increased need of maintenance due to water damage…

Smart drainage systems instantly direct the flow of water away from sensitive areas to a safe location.

Another added benefit of guttering is no more pigeon mess on your floor or in the pool.

Our guttering systems are large enough to accommodate and collect any and all quantity of rain, collecting and washing it down the pipes with no blockages.

There’s different sizes depending on the application, from our ‘flowline 112mm’ to our ‘OG classic 116mm’ and our large ‘deepflow 150mm’. Furthermore, there is a choice of three different colours to choose from, white, brown and cream. Smaller sizes are also available on request.



The idea of moving to and living in Cyprus is every one’s dream, but once you’ve done a few days in the summer, you realize that you urgently need some shade and protection from the intense heat and sun rays!

Our bespoke under-cover solutions are limitless in sizes and styles as well as regarding the materials that may be utilized to make them in order to suit your home…

Leave all the hassle to us, and enjoy the summer, the outdoors, your breakfast, that quality time with your family or that BBQ without worrying about the heat!

We will advise and propose the best, most practical and most cost-effective solutions that fully meet your requirements and budget, using only the finest materials available today.



Say goodbye to those horrible metal railings that constantly need maintenance and painting due to rust and discoloration, and try our stylish balconies.

They are completely bespoke to suit your home and requirements, and they are constructed from stainless steel and high-grade polished aluminium for durability (practically maintenance-free, always looking like new) and strength…

There is an option of two different laminated safety glass thicknesses, one at 10mm and the other at 16mm. As always, these two glass options come in many different colours to suit your style and preference.

To make your home more modern and stylish, try out our glass staircase giving your home that ‘wow factor’.



Seeking some more privacy from the prying eyes of the neighbourhood or some added security?
Why not give a try to our zero-maintenance Aluminium fencing?

With an endless number of styles, colours and types to choose from, along with our extended customization expertise, we sure have the perfect fencing solution for you.

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